Adeline Masquelier

Muslim Youth and the 9/11 GenerationSAR Press PublicationMuslim Youth and the 9/11 Generation

A new cohort of Muslim youth has arisen since the attacks of 9/11, facilitated by the proliferation of recent communication technologies and the Internet. By focusing on these young people as a heterogeneous global cohort, the contributors to this volume—who draw from a variety of disciplines—show how the study of Muslim youth at this particular historical juncture is relevant to thinking about the anthropology of youth, the anthropology of Islamic and Muslim societies, and the post-9/11 world more generally.

2011, April 3–7
The 9/11 Generation: Young Muslims in the New World OrderAdvanced SeminarThe 9/11 Generation: Young Muslims in the New World OrderThis seminar convened to explore the place of youth in Muslim societies and the place of religion in Muslim youth cultures after the events of 9/11.

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