IARC Seminars


San Felipe Pottery SeminarMay 17, 2013San Felipe Potters Seminar IVOn May 17, 2013, the seven San Felipe potters convened once again at IARC. They reviewed draft content for the online exhibit, reviewed their biographies, and discussed other outcomes of the seminar series. These outcomes include a special event scheduled during Indian Market week at the La Fonda on August 15, 2013 where the potters will hold a special showing of their work and the online exhibit will be featured. In addition, their discussions included the possibility of having a special event at San Felipe Pueblo to highlight pottery making at the Pueblo.
Conservation Seminar INovember 11–13, 2013Conservation Seminar IFacilitated by Cynthia Chavez Lamar and Landis SmithFor the first time, leading conservators of indigenous collections from museums across the US, Canada, and New Zealand gathered at the Indian Arts Research Center on Nov. 11–13, 2013, to address timely and critical issues in the field of conservation and collections stewardship with other museum professionals, including tribal museum directors, curators, artists, and collections managers.
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