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The School for Advanced Research is unique among research institutions in providing a place where diverse knowledge is debated among peers, intelligently synthesized into writing, and published to inform scholarly and general audiences. We encourage curiosity, nurture dialogue, provoke thought, and tackle difficult topics. We are dedicated to these pursuits because they address issues at the forefront of our contemporary realities and have a real impact on our future.

If you know SAR, you already understand that what we do matters. But what you may not know is that we cannot continue our work without your financial help. Your contribution plays a crucial role in our ability to provide a dynamic environment for the study and communication of knowledge about human culture, evolution, history, and creative expression.

You can chose to make a one-time contribution, or consider our recurring gift program, which spreads out your gift into conveniently budgeted monthly payments. This program further benefits SAR by providing reliable support and reducing the amount of mail we send you—both environmentally friendly and helpful in lowering our mailing costs.

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Bequests and planned gifts also play an important role in assuring the long term ability of the School to maintain its programs. The promise of SAR and its support of exceptionally creative scholars and artists can only be realized through the combined efforts of understanding supporters like you.

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