Annual Review Credits

James F. Brooks, President and CEOJames F. BrooksPresident & CEO • 2005–Present • jfb[at]sarsf.orgAn interdisciplinary scholar of the indigenous and colonial past, he has held professorial appointments at the University of Maryland, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Berkeley, as well as fellowships at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and in 2000–2001, at the SAR itself....
John KantnerJohn KantnerVice President for Academic & Institutional Advancement • 2006–Present • kantner[at]sarsf.orgJohn is a native of Santa Fe. He is an anthropological archaeologist with a diverse background of professional research, educational outreach, and program development. He received his B.A. degree from The Colorado College and his Ph.D. at the University of California–Santa Barbara, where he pursued interdisciplinary training in anthropology, geography, geochemistry, philosophy, and evolutionary theory....
Graphic/Web Designer, Photographer, and Production Manager
Jason S. OrdazJason S. OrdazMultimedia Designer • 2002–Present • ordaz[at]sarsf.orgJason Ordaz, who is a native of East Los Angeles, moved to Santa Fe in January of 2000. Ordaz began studying music with his grandfather, Al from Al and the Velvets, in 1983....
Writer and Proofreader
SAR LogoFlannery DavisAdministrative Assistant-Staff Writer & Editor • 2011–Present • davis[at]sarsf.orgFlannery was born and reared in South Carolina and graduated from the original USC with a BA in psychology....
Photo Preparation and Web Programmer
Jon LewisJon LewisMultimedia Programmer • 2002–Present • jlewis[at]sarsf.orgJon Lewis was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He joined SAR in the spring of 2002. After working in the Information Technology (IT) division helping with computers, he started working with SAR Press, where he maintained the warehouse and shipped/received books....
Production Associate
SAR LogoJean SchaumbergMembership Associate • 2001–Present • schaumberg[at] or 505-954-7245Jean, born and raised in Santa Fe, has been in the book business (libraries and bookstores) since 1974. From acquisitions librarian at the Santa Fe Public Library to bookstore owner, she is an avid reader....
Elizabeth LeeElizabeth LeeProspect Research & Management Associate • 2010–Present • lee[at]sarsf.orgElizabeth has spent more than 30 years in the communications field. She moved quickly from her first job in advertising to more engaging (though less lucrative) work in journalism and freelance writing, covering diverse activities, organizations, and cultures around the world....
Copy Editor
Image Not AvailableCatherine CocksHistorian and Acquisitions Editor, University of Iowa Press


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2011–2012 Annual Review2011–2012 Annual Review2011–2012 Annual Review

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For more than a century, the yearly publication of knowledge has been at the heart of SAR’s mission. The Annual Review encapsulates the School’s efforts in support of this mission each year. For the third year now, SAR has published both a digital and a print version of this overview. For those who still like to hold printed pages in their hands, the briefer “hard-copy” version highlights all the activities, events and participants of 2011–2012, providing a tangible summary of the year’s accomplishments along with our financial report and acknowledgments.

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