The Work of Sovereignty: Tribal Labor Relations and Self-Determination at the Navajo Nation

David Kamper

The Work of SovereigntyThe Work of SovereigntyThe Work of Sovereignty

The Work of Sovereignty explores political, economic, and cultural forces that structure and influence economic development in Indian Country from the perspective of workers,” writes David Kamper, 2006 Ethel-Jane Westfeldt Bunting Summer Scholar at SAR, in his introduction. “A fundamental goal of this book is to view Indigenous self-determination from the vantage point of work and workers. My considerations coalesce around what I call tribal labor relations, the unique ways in which relationships between workers and management play out in Indian Country. I home in on this relationship because it allows me to stitch together structural forces such as law, politics, governments, and markets with the people who are affected by and influence these institutions.... The Work of Sovereignty is interested in how individuals as workers contribute to the larger collective goals of tribal sovereignty.”

This thoughtful, in-depth book looks at the ways labor relations play out in Indian Country, how tribal employees view their relationships with their bosses and tribal enterprises, and how this view connects to their enactment of Indigenous self-determination. “A must-read...for anyone interested in the real world of social justice organizing today,” says Dana Frank, University of California, Santa Cruz.

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