Brent Michael Davids

2011 Ronald and Susan Dubin Native Artist Fellow

Brent Michael DavidsBrent Michael DavidsBrent Michael Davids

World-renowned Mohican composer Brent Michael Davids joined SAR in June 2011 to compose a dramatic oratorio titled “The Purchase of Manhattan.” His work, written for four solo voices, full chorus, American Indian singers, and chamber orchestra, was commissioned by the oldest Dutch Reformed Church in Manhattan as an act of atonement for Holland’s role in the dispossession of the Indigenous peoples of that island.

Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Davids has had a thirty-five-year musical career that spans forms ranging from film soundtracks to commissions for symphony orchestras and dance companies. In 1995, he composed the familiar theme for the daily radio program Native America Calling. His style combines the Western techniques of classical music with Native musical traditions. He is an award-winning composer, including a Grammy nomination in 2004 in the Classical Crossover category.

Davids holds a master of music in composition from Arizona State University and a bachelor of arts in music in composition from Graceland College.

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