IARC Seminars


Moccasin SeminarFebruary 20–21, 2009Moccasin SeminarFacilitated by Cynthia Chavez Lamar, IARC Director, School for Advanced ResearchThe moccasin documentation seminar brought together Navajo, Pueblo, and Apache moccasin makers to discuss the IARC moccasin collection and learn from each other.
Textile SeminarJune 5–6, 2009Textile SeminarFacilitated by Elysia Poon, IARC Program Coordinator, School for Advanced ResearchThe Navajo textile documentation seminar brought members of the Navajo Nation and IARC staff members together to learn more about each other and 15 weavings in the IARC textile collection.
IARC Seminar: Essential AestheticsNovember 16–20, 2009Essential Aesthetics: An Exploration of Contemporary Indigenous Art and IdentityFacilitated by Mario A. Caro, Lecturer, College of Staten Island, The City University of New YorkThis seminar brought together scholars and artists to investigate the intersections between approaches to Indigeneity that emphasize an anti-essentialist analysis and those that rely on more traditional ideas of identity as tied to land, language, history, and community.
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