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Membership Appreciation EventMembership Appreciation EventJames F. Brooks, SAR President, welcoming Members to the Membership Appreciation “Open House” Event held on April 7th, 2010. The event included behind-the-scenes tours of SAR and silent films from El Delirio and Chaco Canyon.Celebrate! The Parties of El DelirioCelebrate! The Parties of El DelirioC4. An orchestra performs from the “choir loft”, while costumed guests mingle during the 1949 Pietro Longhi Party at Elizabeth White’s home. Designed by William Penhallow Henderson in 1926, it was modeled after the mission church at Laguna Pueblo.
Membership Appreciation EventCelebrate! The Parties of El Delirio
The White Estate, c.1928The White Estate, c.1928Unidentified Photographer, School for Advanced Research Archives.Membership Appreciation EventMembership Appreciation EventJean Schaumberg, Institutional Advancement Associate, showing Members the President’s Office on the behind-the-scenes tour of the SAR campus during the Membership Appreciation “Open House” Event.
The White Estate, c.1928Membership Appreciation Event

Edgar Lee Hewett’s vision of a school that trained first-rate scholars while educating the public in the significance of their research continues to shape SAR’s programs today. Through two popular public lecture series, filled-to-capacity field trips, special programming, a digital home at sarweb.org (opens in new browser window), and our new digital annual review, we seek to make the work supported by SAR accessible and engaging to all scholars, students, artists, and thinkers.

In April 2010, one special event SAR held was a “Membership Appreciation Open House,” the brainchild of SAR staffer Janie Miller and SAR member Donna Berg. This event not only celebrated SAR members but also enlisted their time, talent, and knowledge to create a very special experience. At the opening reception, President James Brooks and the SAR staff and resident scholars welcomed 75 guests with refreshments and a photography slide show featuring digital images taken by members during SAR field trips. Four “Behind the Scenes” tours were created and guided by SAR members who were especially familiar with particular aspects of SAR.

“People loved the unique, specialized tours,” said SAR staffer Jean Schaumberg, which included an El Delirio history tour, an SAR academic life tour, an IARC Navajo textiles tour, and an IARC Zuni pottery and kokkos (kachinas) tour. “Members enjoyed the individual attention and having the opportunity to share their own SAR stories,” said Schaumberg. A “Film Noir and Members’ Social” rounded out the event with four short silent movies showing rare footage of life on the Santa Fe estate, the 1929 Fiesta, and Edgar Hewett’s 1932 Chaco Canyon field school.

Organizer Donna Berg summed up the well-attended event: “Wow! You SAR guys are living up to your party heritage. The shades of the White sisters were definitely pleased yesterday. We had a wonderful afternoon and it appeared everyone else did as well.”

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