Legacy Society

The Legacy Society recognizes those people who have included SAR in their estate plans. We wish to thank them for helping to ensure the future of the School.
Keith Anderson and Barbara Lennsen
John Catron and Laurie Archer
Ben and Sally Crane
Steven Feld
Susan L. Foote
George Gumerman
Anna Hargreaves
Philip Holiday
Don and Jean Lamm
Don and Sally Roberts
Jim Snead
Betty and Luke Vortman
The following is a partial list of people since 1907 who have supported SAR through their planned giving.
Frank Applegate
Mary Austin
Blythe Baebler
Lewis Barker
Jane Baumann
John Bodine
Gladys Butler
Margaret A. Cargill
Mrs. Jose E. Chavez
Peggy Pond Church
Flora Conrad
Eleanor Crosby
Leonora Scott Musé Curtin
Popovi Da
David Davenport
J. Rick Dillingham
Mary McCune Edwards
Rose Evans
Kenneth James Ewing
Mary B. Forsyth
Laura Gilpin
Davis Given
Oriol Grand-Girard
Gene Hodge
Ruth Holmwood
Percy Jackson
Carl and Wilma Jensen
Helen Miller Jones
Karl Kernberger
Marjorie Lambert
Katrin H. Lamon
Laughlin Estate
Boaz Long
Eleanor Long
Marian Love
Lindsay A. Lovejoy
Cyrus McCormick
Florence B. McCormick
Robert M. McKinney
Robert McManus
Faith Meem
John Gaw Meem
Julie Michel
Mabel Morrow
Helen North
Leonora Paloheimo
Dean L. Peterson
Anthony Pomeroy
Florence Pomeroy
Mary Pool
Estelle Rebec
Paul Resnik
Teressa L. Schulze
Christine Semine
Rosemarie Shellaberger
Leo A. Shifrin
J. I. Staley
Dorothy Stevenson
Lydia J. Trowbridge
Mrs. Ralph Emerson Twitchell
Amelia Elizabeth White
Robert Young
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