In the Places of the Spirits

David Grant Noble

In the Places of the SpiritsIn the Places of the Spirits In the Places of the Spirits 

“I make my way down to a ledge, afix camera to tripod and shutter release to camera, and watch the storm advancing, like a cat stalking a bird. A pair of ravens drifts across my line of vision, black on gray, above stunted junipers. I gauge the light and set the aperture. Nearby, a lizard rustles in the leaves as it settles down for the cool hours. And on the horizon to the east, Sleeping Ute Mountain awaits nightfall. The sun sinks and slips beneath a bank of clouds at the earth’s edge. At that moment, its filtered rays rake the landscape and settle on the stone walls across the way. It’s the last light. I trip the shutter.”

The challenge of David Grant Noble’s In the Places of the Spirits is deciding whether his prose or his photographs are the more lyrical. The first book to combine Noble’s memoirs and images, this volume presents the deeply intimate and fascinating experiences of his enduring love affair with the Southwest. A long-time associate of SAR, Noble infuses his insights as a photographer and writer with his broad knowledge of history and anthropology. No matter how familiar you think you are with the astonishing landscape of the Southwest, this book of 76 duotone plates, accompanied by Noble’s essays about the Southwestern past and his making of the photographs, will deepen your understanding of and appreciation for the people, the places, the history, and the spirits of this region.

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