Resource Page Debuts on SAR Website

Dominic Henry, Anne Ray InternDominic Henry, Anne Ray Intern2009–2010 Anne Ray InternKendall Tallmadge, Native InternKendall Tallmadge, Native Intern2009–2010 Harvey W. Branigar, Jr. Native Intern
Dominic Henry, Anne Ray InternKendall Tallmadge, Native Intern

In March 2010, the School for Advanced Research debuted a resource page (opens in new browser window). Featuring online exhibitions, lecture recordings, and classroom materials, the purpose of the page is to provide teaching and learning opportunities for educators and students.

Two of the newest additions to the resource page are online exhibitions curated by IARC interns Kendall Tallmadge and Dominic Henry. Henry’s exhibition, Winklil: The Human Body in Ancient Mayan Art (opens in new browser window), journeys back into the time of the ancient Mayas to explore the way artisans represented the human body in three-dimensional figures and architecture. In Indians 4 Sale: Culture as Commodity (opens in new browser window), Tallmadge examines Native American participation in the tourist industry in the last century. She provides an overview of the ways in which various tribes capitalized on or were affected by the tourist presence.

The SAR resource page will be updated regularly as new materials become available.

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