Native Interns

Kendall Tallmadge, Native Intern

Kendall Tallmadge

Harvey W. Branigar Jr. Native Intern
“I can honestly say that my time interning at the IARC has been one of the best experiences of my life,” said 2009–2010 Branigar Native Intern Kendall Tallmadge (Ho-Chunk). “For a student who just completed her undergraduate degree, this internship is like a dream come true and has helped immensely with my development as a junior museum professional and in my personal growth. My time here has helped me fully realize my goals in working with Native communities in areas of heritage preservation, outreach, and education.”

Dominic Henry, Anne Ray Intern

Dominic Henry

Anne Ray Native Intern
According to Henry, “On our reservations, museum professionals are just as valuable as our tribal leaders, teachers, journalists, etc. Tribal museums inform the world of our identity, languages, and perspectives. As our Native cultures evolve, we must always invest priority in our traditional values. They symbolize our core identities. I perceive working with indigenous collections as a spiritual task, considering [that] each object, big or small, expresses a story significant to a community.”

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