Evalena Henry Evalena Henry
Eric and Barbara Dobkin Fellowship
Evalena Henry, of Peridot, Arizona, is recognized as a master basket weaver among the San Carlos Apaches. Her mother, Cecilia Henry, taught her to make baskets when she was fifteen years old.
Everett Pikyavit Everett Pikyavit
Ronald and Susan Dubin Fellowship
Everett Pikyavit, Moapa Band of Paiutes, is the 2005 Ronald N. and Susan Dubin Native American Fellow. His work includes all traditional Southern Paiute and Goshute styles: open and closed twined winnowers, conical burden baskets, seed beaters, hats, water jugs, cradleboards, and various types and sizes of coiled baskets. Traditional material he uses include devil’s claw, yucca, juncus grass, sumac, and native Nevada willow.
Ramson Lomatewama Ramson Lomatewama
Rollin and Mary Ella King Fellowship
Ramson Lomatewama, a Hopi poet, jeweler, traditional-style katsina doll carver, stained glass artist, and glassblower, has been named the 2005 Rollin and Mary Ella King Fellow at the School for Advanced Research.
Carlos Chacián Carlos Chaclán
Sallie R. Wagner Indigenous American Artist/Scholar Fellowship
Carlos Chaclán, a Quiche Maya clay ceramicist from Guatemala, has received the Sallie R. Wagner Indigenous American Artist/Scholar Fellowship for 2005-06.
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