SARMarch 1–5, 1998Mesopotamia in the Era of State Formation: Aiming for ConsensusChaired by Mitchell S. Rothman, Social Science Division, Widener University Although explaining the origins of complex societies has been a core issue of anthropological research for many years, basic agreement on some essential issues has remained elusive. This seminar included participants chosen for their expertise on each subregion of Mesopotamia.
SARApril 18–24, 1998Doing Archaeology as a Feminist: Moving from Theory to PracticeCo-chaired by Margaret Conkey, Department of Anthropology, University of California at Berkeley and Alison Wylie, Department of Philosophy, University of Western OntarioIn April 1998, nine archaeologists, one historian, and a philosopher gathered for an advanced seminar on the implications of feminist commitments for the discipline of archaeology.
The Deep Remembering: The Art and Aesthetics of Southwest Indian PaintingNovember 2–5, 1998The Deep Remembering: The Art and Aesthetics of Southwest Indian PaintingFacilitated by Diane Reyna, Taos and Gary Yazzie, Navajo“The Deep Remembering” brought together ten outstanding Native American artists from both traditional and contemporary schools of painting to discuss their inspirations, influences, marketing concerns, and evolving artistic directions.
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