Advanced Seminars


SARMarch 2–6, 1997Sex Roles and Gender Hierarchies in Middle Range Societies: Engendering Southwestern PrehistoryChaired by Patricia L. Crown, Department of Anthropology, University of New MexicoThe prehistoric American Southwest presents an ideal case for investigating gender issues. This advanced seminar was the first comprehensive attempt to examine the record of this region in terms of gender.
SARMay 18–22, 1997Evolving New Strategies for Conserving Cultural PropertiesChaired by Duane Anderson, School of American ResearchA special seminar was held in May 1997 to examine the worldwide crisis brought about by the market for antiquities illicitly removed from ancient sites.
SAROctober 19–23, 1997Catastrophe and Culture: The Anthropology of DisasterCo-chaired by Susanna M. Hoffman and Anthony Oliver-Smith, Department of Anthropology, University of FloridaThis seminar explored the potentials of establishing common ground among the ecological, political economic, and sociocultural forms of disaster analysis and, by doing so, developing a coherent framework for the anthropology of disaster.
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