“This is a place where ideas can flourish.”

— Eric Dobkin, Board Member, 1999-2015

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Given how quickly our world is changing, it is critically important that we have places where gifted thinkers and artists are free to develop a deeper understanding of our common humanity. Thanks to your generosity, SAR is at the forefront of efforts to understand the human condition, both locally and globally.

Your support gives SAR the resources to encourage its scholars and artists to explore multiple facets of the human experience across the globe, by exploring diverse social questions and responding to urgent global concerns. 

By giving to SAR, you can support this dynamic center of study, where probing questions of global significance are explored every day.

Hear from past resident scholars and artists on their experiences at SAR and SAR's indispensable role as an institution that promotes innovative social research and Native American artistic creativity.

Videography by José Cruzado Coronel.

Your investment in SAR will ...

Foster Creativity

SAR is a rare place that brings together the scholarly and the artistic to generate a synergy of ideas. Your support allows SAR to provide an environment that combines path-breaking social science research and artistic innovation in a way that bridges all cultures and addresses issues of common concern.

Honor Native Imagination

Your giving allows SAR to steward its world-class collection of Southwest Native American art and provide access to the collection for Native communities, artists, visitors, interns, and researchers.

Preserve a Unique Historic Property

Your contribution will help preserve SAR’s historic campus that provides an inspiring setting for freedom of thought, creative expression, and engaging conversation.

Enlighten the Public

Your involvement helps provide high quality programs for the general public on topics of interest, opening doors to exploring a world of ideas about past and present peoples around the world and in the Southwest.

You may make a gift today that matters.

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