News for Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SAR Artist Appears in PBS Series

Pat Courtney GoldPat Courtney Gold2009 Eric and Barbara Dobkin Artist Fellow.Pat Courtney Gold2009 Eric and Barbara Dobkin Artist Fellow.

Pat Courtney Gold, a Wasco basketmaker and the 2009 Eric and Barbara Dobkin Artist Fellow, appears in the PBS Craft in America series on June 3rd.

In this three-part series, some of the major influences on craft artists come to life: Memory, Landscape, Community. How does each play a part in how craft came to be? What about them drives the individual artists to do what they do? How do craft artists develop and adapt their techniques in today’s world?

Dobkin Fellow Pat Gold appears in Episode 1 of the series, titled “Memory.” This episode observes how past is prologue, and looks to the dynamic of cultural history and personal heritage in creating objects.

Learn more about the Craft in America PBS series.

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