News for Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dr. Dean Falk Hits the International Airwaves in Several Recent Interviews

Senior Scholar Dean FalkSenior Scholar Dean FalkDean Falk being interviewed on the SAR Campus by the BBC/Canada Discovery Channel show “Daily Planet.”Senior Scholar Dean FalkDean Falk being interviewed on the SAR Campus by the BBC/Canada Discovery Channel show “Daily Planet.”

Dr. Dean Falk, bio-anthropologist and 2008–2009 SAR Resident Scholar, has recently received considerable media coverage on three different areas of research:

Finding Our Tongues: Mothers, Infants, and the Origins of Language (Basic Books 2009), is the new book by bio-anthropologist and SAR Resident Scholar, Dr. Dean Falk. On April 9th Dean was interviewed by Diego Mulligan, host of “The Journey Home” (KSFR-FM 101.11, Santa Fe Public Radio). April 23rd she was the guest of the Dallas NPR radio show “Think” on KERA-FM. The show was one-hour live with listener call-ins. This was a fundraising week for the Dallas station and anyone contributing $125 received a complimentary copy of Dean’s book. May 18th Dean will be the featured guest on Wisconsin Public Radio’s “Conversations with Joy Cardin.” This is also a one-hour live show with listener call-ins.

Dean was a featured speaker at Stony Brook, State University of New York, April 21st, 2009. Her presentation, “Whence Homo floresiensis? Clues from the brain”, was part of the Seventh Human Evolution Workshop sponsored by Dr. Richard Leakey and the Turkana Basin Institute.

NOVA’s Aliens From Earth was rebroadcast Tuesday, April 28, at 8PM on KNME, Albuquerque’s PBS station. Dean talked about her work on comparisons of the brains of a Hobbit to the brains of a modern human, Homo erectus, and other members of the great-ape line.

A forthcoming paper, in the publication Frontiers in Evolutionary Neuroscience by Dr. Falk, on Albert Einstein’s brain is garnering attention. Dean compared photos of Einstein’s brain to dozens of photos and measurements of cadaver brains. Her study concluded that the genius possessed a unique brain structure that may help explain his talent as a “synthetic thinker.” Dean was interviewed at SAR on Tuesday, April 28th for the BBC/Canada Discovery Channel show “Daily Planet.”

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