The Big Pueblo at Arroyo Hondo and the Intriguing Stories It Tells

Douglas W. Schwartz (School for Advanced Research)

Membership Lecture, The Lensic

Thursday, May 19, 2011, 6:30–7:30 pm

Douglas W. SchwartzDouglas W. SchwartzDouglas W. Schwartz

Around A.D. 1300, a great new pueblo of 1,000 rooms emerged at Arroyo Hondo, just south of what is now Santa Fe. There were good times at the pueblo, followed by difficult periods of drought, famine, and conflict. In a visual extravaganza, Dr. Douglas Schwartz will address the mystery of these times, the violent impact they had on its people, their lives, and eventually why the Big Pueblo came to an inglorious end. Yet, its legacy lived on through the many other great pueblos discovered by the Spanish when they explored this ancient land.

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