The Intriguing Story of the Arroyo Hondo Pueblo

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Friday, May 10, 2013, 8:30 am–12:00 pm

Arroyo Hondo PaintingArroyo Hondo PaintingS. Cooper, 1975Arroyo Hondo PaintingS. Cooper, 1975

Join Douglas Schwartz, president emeritus of the School for Advanced Research, on a field trip to the fourteenth-century pueblo of Arroyo Hondo where Dr. Schwartz conducted a multidisciplinary excavation in the 1970s.

The pueblo of Arroyo Hondo emerged just south of what is now Santa Fe around AD 1300 and grew to contain more than 1,000 rooms. There were vibrant times at the pueblo followed by difficult periods of drought, famine, and conflict. Dr. Schwartz will address the violent impact of these disastrous periods and why this large pueblo eventually came to an inglorious end. Yet, its legacy lived on through the many other great pueblos discovered by the Spanish when they first entered the American Southwest.

The trip will include a pre-visit lecture about the Arroyo Hondo Pueblo in the SAR Boardroom before the group departs for the on-site tour.

Activity Level: Easy, involves a short walk around the Arroyo Hondo Pueblo on an uneven, dirt trail.

Cost (per person): $35, includes transportation from SAR to Arroyo Hondo, pre-visit lecture, and morning coffee and pastries.

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