A Tour of Hanat Kotyiti and Kuapa Pueblos

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Field Trip

Saturday, July 16, 2011, 7:30 am–5:00 pm

Cochiti PuebloCochiti PuebloCirca 1909–1917. SAR Archives, AC02.842a.Cochiti PuebloCirca 1909–1917. SAR Archives, AC02.842a.

Today, the Keres-speaking villages of Cochiti Pueblo and San Felipe Pueblo lie along the banks of the Rio Grande. Prior to Spanish contact, however, the Cochiti and San Felipe people lived together in the ancestral village of Kuapa, south of Bandelier National Monument along the Cañada de Cochiti. Kuapa is the largest village on the Pajarito Plateau, having 21 roomblocks and seven kivas. Sometime before the Spanish entrada, the people of Cochiti and San Felipe separated and established the villages in which they currently live. Later, during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, Cochiti and some San Felipe people joined together again briefly at the village of Hanat Kotyiti (“Cochiti above”) on Horn Mesa.

Surprisingly, given its historical significance, archaeologists have only recently explored the Pueblo Revolt as a topic of inquiry. In 1995, Dr. Robert Preucel and the Pueblo of Cochiti established a collaborative archaeological project to investigate the ancestral village of Hanat Kotyiti, the setting of one of the final battles of the Spanish re-conquest of New Mexico. Dr. Preucel and Dr. Joseph Suina, a past Governor and current member of the Cochiti Tribal Council, will share their knowledge of Cochiti prehistory and migrations, the cultural impact of the Spanish Colonial invasion, and the subsequent Pueblo Revolts of 1680 and 1694 during this special trip to the ancestral villages of the Keres people.

Activity Level: Strenuous, with a total walking distance of about five miles. Hot weather is the norm, rattlesnakes are common, and afternoon thundershowers are to be expected. Please call the Membership Office at (505) 954-7203 if you are uncertain about your physical ability to participate.

Cost (per person): $110, includes van transportation, guide honoraria, and lunch.

Trip Registration: Participation in SAR field trips is one of the benefits of membership. We will begin accepting reservations at 8:00am on Wednesday, December 8, 2010, either by telephone (505) 954-7230) or walk-in at the SAR Membership Office, 660 Garcia Street. No reservations will be accepted before 8:00am on that day. Group size is limited—Reserve your space early.

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