Vault Two in the Indian Arts Research CenterVault Two in the Indian Arts Research CenterPhotograph by Jason S. OrdazVault Two in the Indian Arts Research CenterPhotograph by Jason S. Ordaz


The School for Advanced Research (SAR) maintains several important collections, most of which are available to researchers, artists, SAR members, and the general public.

Indian Arts Research Center

The Indian Arts Research Center (IARC) houses one of the world’s most significant collections of traditional Southwest Indian arts and artifacts, spanning the 450-year period from Spanish contact to the present. These collections and a range of associated programs have made IARC an outstanding resource for the Native American community, researchers, scholars, and the public.

Arroyo Hondo Repository

The collection includes approximately 345,000 objects from the four years of excavation and survey at the Arroyo Hondo site. The documentation includes over 25,000 photographs and 10,000 records.

Catherine McElvain Library

The Library has a strong basic anthropology collection with a concentration in reference materials, archaeology, ethnology, physical anthropology, and linguistics. The collection presently comprises approximately 8,600 books and manuscripts and 50 journal subscriptions.

SAR Archives

A small archive resides in the Library. Among the papers it houses are those of Kenneth Chapman, Rick Dillingham, and Amelia Elizabeth and Martha White, who had a significant influence on twentieth-century Santa Fe and the development of a market for Indian arts.

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