Malignant: How Cancer Becomes UsMalignant: How Cancer Becomes Us2013. University of California Press.Malignant: How Cancer Becomes Us2013. University of California Press.

As part of its mission to promote excellent scholarship and effective communication in the social sciences and humanities, SAR offers two competitive awards.

J. I. Staley Prize

Often called the “Pulitzer Prize of anthropology,” the J. I. Staley Prize is an annual $10,000 award given to a book that represents the best writing and scholarship in anthropology.

Linda S. Cordell Prize

SAR presents the Linda S. Cordell Prize to a living author for a book in archaeology or anthropological archaeology that best exemplifies excellence in writing and significantly advances archaeological method, theory, or interpretation.

Arroyo Hondo Grant

The Arroyo Hondo grant program awards funds to scholars who wish to work with this important archaeological collection, which was assembled during an interdisciplinary investigation conducted by SAR in the early 1970s.

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