Public lecture, reception, and open studio for Carol Emarthle-Douglas

Artist Talk, 660 Garcia Street, Santa Fe

Thursday, August 4, 2016, 5:30 pm, Free

Carol Emarthle-Douglas. Carol Emarthle-Douglas. "Cultural Burdens", 2015.Mixed media. Photo courtesy of the artist.Carol Emarthle-Douglas. "Cultural Burdens", 2015.Mixed media. Photo courtesy of the artist.

As a basket weaver, Carol Emarthle-Douglas is constantly searching for inspiration for new designs, shapes, and ideas to create new baskets. While at SAR, she plans to study the IARC collection and the artists represented within to draw inspiration for her work. She has recently begun using a new technique in her work: beading directly onto a coiled basket. This will play an important role in the project she has planned for her fellowship at SAR.

Emarthle-Douglas draws from her Northern Arapaho and Seminole heritage when creating her baskets, using Plains-style beadwork, ledger art and parfleche designs along with the colors and patterns of Seminole patchwork in her creations. She has been weaving baskets for almost twenty years, starting with traditional geometric designs and then gradually creating illustrative pieces, like a basket with a herd of buffalo that appear to be in motion, or a “somewhat political” piece with Custer in the center of a basket surrounded by Native warriors.

Emarthle-Douglas is a highly accomplished basketmaker, most recently the proud recipient of the Best of Show Award for the 2015 SWAIA Indian Market. In addition, her baskets have been exhibited throughout the United States and can be found in the collections of many museums, including the Brooklyn Museum (Brooklyn, NY), Autry National Center (Los Angeles, CA), and Montclair Museum (Newark, NJ).

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