Arroyo Hondo Pueblo: The Story Continues…

Field Trip

Thursday, May 26, 2016, 11:00 am–4:00 pm, $150 per person

Arroyo Hondo Pueblo renderingArroyo Hondo Pueblo renderingArroyo Hondo Pueblo rendering

About 1300 C.E. a small pueblo, located minutes from what is now downtown Santa Fe, grew from a 100-room compound to the impressive 1000-room Arroyo Hondo Pueblo. Rapid growth, a period of severe climate change, and regional violence caused the pueblo’s demise a mere 125 years later. This field trip will explore a spectacular and varied environment, including the layout and growth of farmland near the Pueblo, Pueblo life in the 14th Century, the crises faced by the inhabitants, and how the Pueblo finally became a ruin. Dr. Douglas Schwartz will describe how he approached the excavation and exploration of the Arroyo Hondo Pueblo, including unique stories about its development and ultimate demise. This talk and lunch in the SAR Board Room with Dr. Schwartz will be followed by a site visit.

Activity Level: Easy (can get in & out of van and walk unassisted for short distances)

Fee: $150 per person – Includes talk, lunch at SAR, transportation to site, water. Limited to 20 people

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