Pat Courtney Gold Pat Courtney Gold
Eric and Barbara Dobkin Fellowship
Pat Courtney Gold, a Wasco basketmaker, grew up on the Warm Springs Reservation in the mid-Columbia River area of central Oregon. Pat studied and helped revive the making of Wasco “sally bags,” twined root-digging bags, launching her on a new career path dedicated to the preservation of her cultural heritage.
Ulysses Reid Ulysses Reid
Ronald and Susan Dubin Fellowship
Zia potter Ulysses Reid will embark on a very personal journey by working closely with the IARC’s Henate Collection. The collection consists of almost 200 pottery design sketches by Andres Galvan. Ulysses, who is Galvan’s grandson, will be producing pottery and using the sketches in honor of his grandfather.
Adrian Wall Adrian Wall
Rollin and Mary Ella King Fellowship
Adrian Wall, a renowned sculptor from Jemez Pueblo, has been sculpting since his late teens. While his primary medium is stone, he also works with clay and bronze. Stylistically, he is well known for blending figurative detail with abstract forms.
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