SARApril 28–May 2, 2002Culture and Conflict: The Poetics of Violent PracticeChaired by Neil L. Whitehead, Department of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin, Madison“Culture and Conflict: The Poetics of Violent Practice,” took place April 28-May 2, 2002. Two discussants joined the eight participants whose papers examined violent practice in a range of cultures including those of West Africa, the Khmer Rouge, Rwanda, the Basque region of Spain, and the United States. Neil Whitehead, who chaired the seminar, described the purpose of the seminar as “seeking an understanding of violence as a cultural expression.”
SARJune 9–13, 2002Chaco Canyon: Building a Digital Research ArchiveChaired by Stephen Plog, Department of Anthropology, University Virginia
SARNovember 2–8, 2002The Evolution of Human Life HistoryCo-chaired by Kristen Hawkes, Department of Anthropology, University of Utah and Richard Paine, Department of Anthropology, University of UtahThis interdisciplinary group brought together specialists in the hunter-gatherer behavioral ecology and demography, human growth, development, and nutrition, paleodemography, human paleontology, primatology, and the genomics of aging. “We aimed to specify the life history features that distinguish humans from our closest living primate relatives, to review alternative explanations for these differences, and to consider multiple lines of evidence for testing these alternative evolutionary hypotheses,” stated the co-chairs.
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